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Staff members

All employees of Kontent Structures are individually SCC certified and have an excellent knowledge of our policy on safe working.

In addition to good training, the well-being of employees is also very important to prevent accidents. Vital employees are sharp and alert, see inaccuracies and that helps to prevent any accidents. A healthy work pressure, a social character and a good relationship between all employees ensure a pleasant working atmosphere.


Every year the safety results are presented to the entire team. This presentation keeps everyone sharp and increases safety awareness.

Other training and education

In addition to possessing an individual SCC diploma, the education and training of our employees also includes, as standard, competency certificates for driving, for example, a forklift truck and scissor lift. Other examples are:


Deltalinqs: safety training for people who will perform work at terminals, storage and transshipment companies and on (petro) chemical industrial sites.


RailAlert: safety and access to the rail.


Kontent Structures is happy to invest in cooperation with clients by showing availability for obtaining (company) specific gate instructions or (safety) training.


All obtained diplomas and followed training and instruction are documented by our employees and kept in a personal security passport.

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