Working safely and healthy employees prevent accidents at the workfloor. At Kontent structures, we attach great value to qualitative and safe working with the main objective of keeping the number of company accidents at zero.

Safety at the workfloor

Several safety measures are taking at the workfloor by the employees during the implementation of our activities. Any safety issues will be solved operationally by the right communication between employees.




All the employees of Kontent Structures are certified individually and perfectly informed about our ‘safety’ policy. Besides certified personnel, the well-being of our employees is also very important to prevent accidents. Enthusiastic employees are keen and alert, see inaccuracies and ensure that any accidents occur. A healthy workload, a social character and a good understanding between management and employees ensure that the employees of Kontent Structures go to work with a nice feeling. We present our safety results every year to the staff. This presentation keeps everyone sharp and ensures increased awareness of safety.


As the professional tentrental company we are, Kontent Structures is in possession of the necessary certifications. Not only as a company, but all our employees are individually certified. Besides that, we only work with certified en safe materials.

SCC Certification

SCC is a versatile safety program for companies that carry out work at an increased risk. The SCC program ensures that the number of accidents are reduced, in the case of Kontent Structures, that the number remains at zero. Kontent Structures is certified as a company with the SCC certificate. In addition, all employees are also individually equipped with the SCC certificate. If you choose Kontent Structures, you also choose safety. All our employees are guaranteed to work safely, not only because of the SCC certificate but mainly because of the preserving of their health.

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 is a quality management system that demands companies through an international standard. Kontent Structures is ISO 9001 certified and structurally working to improve the management of our business processes and customer satisfaction.


Other certifications of Kontent Structures are:

  • TUV Certification
  • Fire Safety Certification
  • Digital Safety Passport

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