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The most important thing after an emergency is that your business processes can be continued as soon as possible. Acting fast is a requirement. Thanks to our efficient organization and very large stock, we at Kontent Structures are always able to get started quickly and decisively for you to create the necessary temporary space.


Always contact Kontent Structures immediately after an emergency, even if you do not yet have a clear picture of the exact need for temporary accommodation. We can always initiate other things, such as viewing the location. Hurry is called for!


We are always available for emergencies, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Wide range of tent accommodations

Our range of tent accommodations is very extensive, and our stock large. In response to an emergency, we select the temporary accommodation and implementation that best suits your specific situation in consultation with you.


You can think of different types:


  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Rooftops
  • Doors
  • Kick

We will gladly look at the best combination of options for you together. After a calamity you already have enough on your mind, and through our years of experience and expertise we are happy to take the necessary work off your hands and ensure the best possible solution.

Additional facility options

In addition to the composition of the tent accommodation, we can support you with any additional facilities that may be required. We are happy to take care of selecting and arranging these matters:


  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Device
  • Decoration
  • Lighting


Together we always achieve the desired functionality. Even when an emergency is needed.

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