There are various reasons why you would want to open a temporary restaurant, one of which being seasonal demand. A tent accommodation is highly suitable to serve as a restaurant, thanks to its highly adaptable nature.


Various applications

A temporary restaurant can be a good solution for various situations:

  • During renovations
  • During increased seasonal demand
  • As a pop-up restaurant
  • After an emergency
  • As a terrace cover

Temporary restaurant

For temporary restaurants we generally set up a clear-span structure. These are aluminium-framed structures that are extremely robust and can withstand high winds. The clear-span structure means that there are no internal supports, so there are no obstacles inside the structure. This allows you to fully utilize the created space.


We offer clear-span structures for rent as well as for sale. We also have the option to lease.


To expand a temporary restaurant we sometimes install pagoda tents connected to the main structure. These usually serve as kitchen space.

Choice of materials

Clear-span structures can be fitted out to match your needs. We always have a range of structures in stock, including various possible finishing materials.

The structures are typically installed with fabric sidewalls and white roof covers. We understand that this may not provide the look you have in mind. Therefore we offer the following materials to fit out our structures:

  • PVC sidewall panels
  • Sandwich panels
  • Glass panels
  • Transparent roof covers
  • Flooring systems

Glass panels are often used for temporary restaurants. They give an open feel to your restaurant and allow your guests to enjoy the views.

Additional facilities

We offer various additional facilities to add to tent structures. It is crucial that your guests are comfortable in your temporary restaurant.

We offer the following:

  • Heating units
  • Air conditioning
  • Emergency exit signs
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Single or double doors

Flooring systems

We offer two types of flooring systems. Our flooring systems provide a flat and robust floor for your temporary restaurant. Both systems are installed completely level, even on uneven underlying ground.

Floor frames

Floor frames are extremely robust and provide a flat and stable surface. They also contribute to tent anchoring. Floor frames can be used as-is, but they can also be finished with, for example, carpet tiles. Beware: a forklift is required to install these heavy frames, therefore your intended location must be forklift-accessible!

Cassette floors

For our tent rentals we use floor frames whenever possible, but for locations with difficult access we can install cassette floors instead. This flooring system does not contribute to tent anchoring, additional anchoring in the form of ballast blocks or ground pegs will be required.

Temporary accommodations by Kontent Structures

Are you looking to work with a supplier with many years of experience in the tent structure business? You came to the right place. We produce and supply aluminium-framed structures, steel tent parts, and sell as well as rent tent structures. We have over 20 years of experience and are happy to advice you regarding temporary restaurants.

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