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Are you looking for a temporary company restaurant, pop-up restaurant or a company canteen? A tent accommodation is very suitable to realize your temporary catering space.


Whether your restaurant is temporary or not, it is all about the experience of the visitors. A nice ambiance in the style you want. With Kontent Structures it is possible! If you wish, we will fully relieve you, we will take all work off your hands and we will arrange the entire process from concept to realization.

Various applications

A temporary restaurant is a solution in several situations:


  • During renovation or new construction
  • Due to seasonal activity
  • As a pop-up restaurant
  • After a calamity
  • Cover of terrace

Entirely desired

The advantage of an aluminum tent construction is that it can be assembled according to your wishes:


  • Quickly available and operational
  • Simple division into compartments for internal creation of separate or, for example, lockable spaces
  • Completely isolated
  • Create your own look and feel
  • Glass walls or transparent tent sails
  • Countless decorative options
  • In rent, purchase and lease

Facility options

When you open a semi-permanent establishment it is important that your guests end up in a comfortable accommodation:


  • Heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Kitchen and washing facilities
  • Furnishing and decoration
  • Lighting
  • Safety features
  • Electrical facilities

Floor systems

For your temporary restaurant it may be advisable to opt for a tent floor. A specified system floor can be ideal if the substrate at the location you choose is not or not completely flat. With a tent floor we ensure that the surface of your tent pavilion becomes 100% flat. This is of course essential for the correct placement of all necessary tables, chairs and other equipment.

Temporary accommodations at Kontent Structures

Are you looking for a sparring partner with years of experience in the field of tents? Then you have come to the right place. We are a total supplier: we produce aluminum tent constructions, metal parts, sell and rent tents. With more than 20 years of experience, we are happy to advise you on a temporary restaurant.

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