At Kontent Structures we are well aware of the complexities that come with a shutdown and turnaround. This is an important activity, especially in (petrochemical) industry. Of course you want business to continue as usual, as soon as possible.


A temporary accommodation can be a very suitable solution during a turnaround. We can supply this accommodation in the form of a tent structure.



Temporary accommodation during a turnaround


Because of the influx of additional personnel during a turnaround it can be very desirable to have access to additional accommodation. They can be used, for example, as a cover for work activities but also as a temporary cafeteria. A clear-span tent structure is highly suitable to serve as temporary accommodation during a turnaround. They can be fitted out in many different ways. When serving as a work tent, it is commonly set up using fabric sidewall covers. When serving as a cafeteria it is usually fitted out with hard PVC sidewall panels, to improve the appeal of the tent as well as making it easy to regulate internal temperature.

Temporary accommodation dimensions

Clear-span structures can be supplied in the following dimensions:


Width: 10 to 25 meters
Length: Indefinite, in 5 meter sections
Sidewall height: 3 meters



Working safely

Through our years of experience working in industry and petrochemicals, we all well aware that safe work ethics form an important part of your organization. Kontent Structures highly values safe working as well, and we invest in promoting it. The company as a whole is SCC certified, and all our personnel working in the setting up of structures also have a personal SCC certification. We are also ISO 9001 certified. All personnel will be briefed before commencing on a project involving increased safety guidelines.


All Kontent Structures employees are aware of our “working safely” policy. You do not need to worry about safe work ethics during the installation or removal of a temporary tent structure for your business.

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