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Festival tents dimensions

Every festival is different. Every festival has its own visitors, appearance, style and ‘look and feel’. Below is a selection of the structures for tent accommodations from Kontent Structures that are suitable for festivals:


Alu-hall structure

Width: 2.75 to 50 m

Length: unlimited, in multiples of 5 m

Sidewall height: 2.30, 3 or 4 m


Dimensions: 3 × 3, 4 × 4, 5 × 5 m

Sidewall height: 2.30 m

Polygon Series 270 & 300

Width: 15 to 40 m
Length: Unlimited in 5 m segments
Sidewall Height: 4 m

Festival Series 340

Width: 30 or 40 m
Length: Unlimited in 5 m segments
Side Wall Height: 4 m

Festival tent applications

  • Music area or internship
  • Food & beverage dispensing points
  • First aid location
  • Crew location
  • Covered location for sound technology
  • Stage cover

The chosen width and length determine the ridge height of the festival tent. Do you have doubts about the size or design of your festival tent? Or would you prefer to receive personal and expert advice? Then contact one of our advisers.


When you rent an alu hall we use a minimum size of 250 m². When you rent pagoda tents we use a minimum purchase of 15 pieces.


All our festival tents are placed as free span. This allows you to make optimum use of the space in and around the tent. The festival tent has no supporting pillars in the tent or guy lines outside the tent.

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