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Temporary exhibition or congress location

The location of your exhibition, congress or exhibition is one of the first points of attention during the organization. You can choose an existing location such as a convention center, but a more unique and flexible accommodation is also possible.

Through our aluhallen you can have a trade show or congress take place at a unique location, because we can realize this at almost any location. Thanks to our floor systems, the surface of the tent accommodation is always leveled to 100% flat. An uneven surface is no problem.


We once placed a temporary accommodation on the Breezanddijk, a branch of the Afsluitdijk. The theme of this congress was ‘water’, so that this location was very much in line with the theme and the installed double-decker immediately ensured a spectacular view of the IJsselmeer.

Choice of materials

We offer a wide range of materials to fit out our tent structures. The advantage of clear-span structures is that they can be fitted out entirely to match your needs. Our tent structures are typically installed using fabric sidewalls and white roof covers. Optional finishing materials are:


  • Different roof shapes: A-frame, arched roof or pointed roof
  • PVC sidewall panels
  • Glass panels
  • Transparent roof covers
  • Flooring systems

The alu-hall

An alu-hall is an aluminum tent construction that is placed as a free span. This means that there are no obstacles inside the tent. This is very useful for a trade show or congress as you can use all square meters.

We offer aluminum halls with various dimensions:


Width: From 5 to 50 m

Length: From 5 m. Can be expanded indefinitely in 5 m segments.

Sidewall height: 2.5,3 or 4 m


The ridge height is determined by the combination of the chosen width and side wall height of the tent accommodation.


We maintain a minimum surface area of 250 m².

Optional additional facilities

In addition to choice of materials, we also offer various additional facilities. When hosting an exhibition or congress, several features are critical. We offer the following:


  • Temperature control
  • Air conditioning
  • Single or double doors
  • Emergency exit signs
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Carpet tiles

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