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Are you looking for a temporary sports venue? It is important that a sports venue remains operating during renovations or rebuilding. By deploying a temporary sports hall you do not need to worry about accommodating athletes elsewhere.


A temporary sports hall could also be an interesting solution during expansion of your existing venue. Kontent Structures has many years of experience in installing temporary sports accommodations. We offer these temporary structures for rent as well as for sale. They can be used to cover tennis or basketball courts, but can also temporarily house a fitness center. Please contact us for personal and professional advice regarding temporary sports halls.

Temporary sports venue

Kontent Structures offers a range of tent structures suitable to serve as temporary sports accommodation. Because of their large surface area the following structures are very suitable:


Warehouse Structure 300

The main feature of this structure is the large clear-span possible, making the WS 300 very suitable for creating a large surface area. The clear-span structure does not require additional supports, keeping the created surface area completely free of obstacles and allowing you to use the entire crated space. The sides of the structure can be expanded to house, for example, showers and dressing rooms

Polygon Structure 270

The Polygon Structure 270 is characterized by its remarkable shape. Featuring a clear-span of up to 30 meters, it as well is very suitable for housing sports venues. Its construction features varying roof angles of 33 and 11 degrees and has a high ridge. The PS 270’s high ridge give it a large usable internal space.

Temporary sports hall dimensions

Below are the dimensions for temporary sports venues:

Warehouse Structure 300

Width: 5 to 40 meters clear-span.
Length: Indefinite, in sections of 5 meters.
Side-wall height: From 3 meters, depending on structure type, up to 8 meters.


Polygon Structure 270

Width: 20, 25 of 30 meters clear-span.
Length: Indefinite, in sections of 5 meters.
Side-wall height: 4 meters.


A temporary spots hall might be suitable in the following situations:


  • During renovations on your existing venue
  • During demolition of your existing venue
  • During a calamity in your existing venue
  • If your existing venue is too small
  • As an addition to your existing facilities
  • During a temporary increase in users of existing facilities



A temporary sports accommodation can be used as, among others, the following:


  • Fitness center extension
  • Tennis court cover
  • Basketball court cover
  • Swimming pool cover
  • Gymnastics hall
  • Covered hockey fields

Possibilities for a temporary sports venue are endless. Please contact one of our specialist to discuss options for your project.

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