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Christmas show Helemaal Top Zwammerdam

Target client

Putting up an event tent for the annual Full Christmas show event in Zwammerdam. It is important that the tent offers a capacity for over 3000 people per evenening (Friday and Saturday evening). The tent must also contain a cooling system in order to have a pleasant temperature during the event.


During the annual Helemaal Top Christmas show, Kontent Structures put up a tent accommodation of 25 meters wide by 50 meters long. This tent served as an event tent. Another tent accomodation was placed at this tent (5 meters wide and 15 meters long. This tent served as an wardrobe and toilet room. The tent construction was eqquipped with cooling instalations, which ensured that the tent had the correct temperature during the event. In addition to the tent, seven pagoda tents were placed that served as a VIP area for the artists and crew.

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