As a professional tent rental company and tent manufacturer, we are in possession of the necessary certifications. In addition, at Kontent Structures we only with safe and certified materials.

VCA CertificaatSCC Certification

SCC is a versatile security program for companies that carry out high-risk activities. The SCC programme ensures that the number of accidents is minimised, and in the case of Kontent Structures, the accident statistic has been on the zero line for many years.

Kontent Structures is, as a company, in possession of the SCC (VCA) certificate. In addition, all employees are individually also in possession of a SCC certification.

With your choice for Kontent Structures, you choose a partner that stands for safety. This is not only recognizable by our certificates, but mainly because our team ur team is aware of a safe environment and the preservation of good health during each project.

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 is an international standard aimed at quality control. The purpose of this system is to keep working on improvements to satisfy the customer. Kontent Structures is in possession of an ISO 9001 certificate. This means that we are constantly working to optimize our business processes and thereby improve our customer satisfaction.

To monitor our progress, periodic audits are carried out by a certified company.

Digital Safety Passport

The Digital Safety Passport is only applicable for the rail sector. With this program employees become more aware of working safely on and along the railtrack, which is risky work. Our staff is equipped with a digital safety passport. Our projects relating to the rail sector can be carried out in a very safe way.