Tent Rental – Events

When hiring a party tent or marquee, you’ll be sure your party or event will be an amazing experience for all visitors. You won’t have to worry about the weather, low temperatures or wet and cold feet. Your visitors will enter a warm marquee, fully set up, configured and fitted out to your specific needs. A successful event is guaranteed!


For example:

  • Corporate events and parties
  • Exhibitions and congresses
  • Culinary festivals
  • Weddings and anniversaries
  • Sporting events
  • Concerts and festivals
  • Covered ice rinks

Additional extras when hiring a marquee tent structure

All our tent structures can be fitted with the following extras:

  • Heating
  • Doors and glass panels
  • Emergency exit signs
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Temperature control
  • Lighting


When renting any type of tent structure, consider hiring a floor. Especially when the underlying surface is uneven, sandy or muddy floors are critical in ensuring your visitors keep their feet dry. Height differences and uneven surfaces are no problem for our floors, all our floors are installed using laser levels and even height differences of several meters can be safely dealt with.

Our floors are made of heavy-grade, treated plywood with a non-skid layer, fitted in a 5 by 2.5 meter steel frame. These floors are strong and stable enough to carry heavy weights and can even be driven on with a vehicle. Our tent structures are anchored to these heavy floor frames, making the tent stable and strong enough to withstand high wind loading.

For locations that are unreachable by forklift, or underlying surfaces that are too soft or unsuitable to drive a forklift on, we also have smaller floor frames that can be laid by hand, thus minimizing impact.

All our tent structures can be rented with or without floor, but floors can also be rented by themselves. Your event can be hosted directly on our floors, but of course you’re free to install carpet or other floor coverings.

Additional information when renting a tent structure

  • Fast set-up and dismantling is guaranteed
  • Ecological and cost-saving solutions are possible
  • Tent structures can be fitted to existing buildings
  • Terms and conditions apply to all structure rentals

Frequently asked questions regarding party and event tent structures

Does the tent structure meet all fire department and council demands?
Yes, all our tents are of professional quality and fully certified.

Can these big tent structures be set up on the beach?
Absolutely. We’ve got adapted transport and materials specifically for working on beaches and difficult terrain. This allows us to set up large festival tents even on loose sand.

There’s a big height difference on our location, will this be a problem?
No, we set up our floors safely and securely, leveling out any height differences.

Can the tent structure be raised?
Yes. We can build a raised support platform to elevate VIP tents to the desired height. Of course we will also supply stairs to enter the structure.

Is the heating noisy, when it’s running?
No. The heating is perfectly quiet and non-intrusive.

Considering problems in the past, regarding collapsed tents, at, for example, Pukkelpop, are your structures secure enough to meet safety demands?
Absolutely. Our festival tents meet all (fire-)safety demands. Thanks to our secure anchors, our tent structures can withstand wind speeds of 100 km/h. Our alu-frame festival tents are much stronger than traditional “circus” tents.