Temporary Shop Space Rental

Temporary Shop Space Rental: The Ideal Solution

Are you looking for a temporary shop space to rent? There are several situations when you need a temporary shop space. Would you like to rent a temporary shop space? Choose Kontent Structures. We offer tents in different sizes and designs. Suitable for multiple exploitations. Do you need a temporary shop space in the winter? A heated tent is the ideal solution. 

The sizes of temporary shops

At Kontent Structures you decide what size of temporary shop is suitable for you.

  • The width varies in different sizes from 3 to 30 meter.
  • The length of our tents can be increased indefenitely in 5 meters segment.
  • The dimensions of the side walls can be set from 1 to 6 meter.
  • The volume of a tent varies from 100 to 5.000 square meters.

Custom Made Solutions

Interested in a temporary shop-space with other dimensions? We can make other dimensions because of our own working area. Our expert staff has many years of experience in making tentframes.

Why Rent A Tent As Temporary Shop-Space?

At Kontent Structures we offer tent with a lot of benefits:

  • Always including set-up and take down. In very short time!
  • Temporary shop-space for the time you want, from 1 day untill a year.
  • A tent is easily placed on mud or grass. All our tents are set up 100% leveled.

Materials And Floors For Temporary Shops

We compose the perfect tent for your situation. All our materials are 100% certified, fire safe and can withstand high winds. These are your options voor tent materials:

  • Transparent roof curtains.
  • French windows curtains
  • PVC- and glass side panels.
  • Replica glass side panels
  • Sandwich side panels
  • Various floors

Why Rent An Alu-hall

  • 100 m² to 10.000 m²
  • Clearspan
  • Flexible rental period
  • Many possible configurations and applications

Contact about Temporary Shop Space

Would you like to receive more information about Temporary Shop Space? Or would you like to receive an advise from one of our tent rental consultants? Please fill in the contact form. Or give us a call on +31 (0) 172 611990. Fill in our quotation form if you would like to receive a free quotation for a temporary shop space.