Temperature Controlled Tent For Sale

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Are you looking for a tent accommodation that can be cooled or heated? A conditioned tent remains constantly at the right temperature because of the special roof.

Buy a temperature controlled tent at Kontent Structures.

Dimensions of a temperature controlled tent

A conditioned tent is for sale with the following dimensions:

Width: from 5 to 40 meters.
Length: Unlimited in 5 metre segments.
Side Wall Height: from 3 meters, this can be up to 8 meters depending on the type of tent and the execution.

If you are looking for a special tent, we advise you to contact one of our sales specialists. Because of our own production we are happy to provide you with a custom-made tent, which is worked out in advance by means of 3D visualizations. Our team is happy to provide you with appropriate advice.

Purposes of a temperature controlled tent

A temperature controlled tent is the perfect solution when you have a lack of space and need a room that remains conditioned.
We have sold conditioned tents for the following purposes:

  • Refrigerated storage space
  • As a heated transhipment area
  • As a pool canopy
  • For winter events such as ice scarving shows
  • As a conditioned workspace
  • As semi canteen

Our temperature controlled tents are very robust, they consist of an aluminium construction. This accommodation is always placed as a clear span. This means that there are no obstructions in the conditioned tent, such as supporting pillars. This makes full use of the purchased square meters.

You also have the possibility to purchase a tent floor for in the conditioned tent. This depends entirely on your purpose. A heavy duty floor is a very heavy floor that directly provides anchoring of the tent. This floor can only be fitted with a forklift.

Purchase of conditioned tent additions

From Kontent Structures we also offer various additions for your temperature controlled tent. It is possible to expand your tent to provide more convenience. We offer the following options:

  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • Gutters
  • Single or Double doors
  • Windows
  • Alarm system
  • Automatic or lockable shutters

About Kontent Structures – Your Tent Manufacturer

For more than 15 years, Kontent Structures has been producing Temperature Controlled Tents, Pagoda Tents, Storage Tents and Tent Flooring. In The Netherlands we are the only producer in this sector. We sell our tent accommodations and tent floors worldwide. In the past we have exported tent accommodations to, among others, Australia, Dakar and Suriname.

We not only supply custom tents from our own production, of course also new tents from stock but also second hand tents that are still of outstanding quality.
We always have over 10,000 m² of tents in stock for sale. All our products are provided with Dutch or English construction calculations according to the Eurocode NEN-en 1378 and NEN 8020-41, which are required for the event industry.

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Are you interested in buying a temperature controlled tent? We would like to give you an appropriate advice on buying a temperature controlled tent and the many possibilities. You can contact us in several ways: