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Multilevel Structure 300

“A real eye-catcher that provides spectacular views.”


The Multilevel Structure 300 is one of our flagships. This tent is very suitable for sports events, especially because of the fantastic view that your visitors have from the first floor.


The Double Decker Tent

This storey tent can be built with one or two floors. In terms of appearance, a multi-storey tent looks a bit like a VIP deck, but with a VIP deck a tent accommodation is placed on a substructure of scaffolding so that there is still 1 floor.


At a multi-storey tent, both the ground floor and the floor are accessible to your visitors. The floor tent has various options, so it is also possible to create a (covered) terrace on the first floor.


The first floor tent is available for both sale and rental in various sizes, from 10 to 40 m. wide. The Spring is unlimited renewable in 5 m. segments, but from 10 m. The height between the floor (s) is 4 m.


Doubling of usage meters

In addition to a fantastic view, the multi-storey tent has another advantage: doubling usage meters. When you have an eye on a location that is very limited in usage meters, the floor tent is the ideal solution. By going up the height, fewer usage meters are needed.


A multi-storey tent can be arranged in various ways: entirely to your liking and suitable for your purpose. The ML 300 is therefore also very suitable as a conference location, partly due to the different spaces. The ground floor can be used as a conference room while the first floor is used as a lounge area including a terrace.

Suitable for:


(Corporate) Events

VIP accommodation

Sport & Motorsport events

Congresses & Exhibitions

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Max. allowed wind speed 115 km/h
Main profile 300x122mm (4 channel)
Connecting type Steel (galvanized) inserts
Aluminium type European anodized Aluminium
PVC roof & wall covers Translucent 620gr/m² or Opaque 750gr/m²
PVC roof & wall covers European UV-resistant and flame retardant according to: DIN 4102-B1, M2
Included with product Statics NEN-EN 13782


Width: From 10 to 25 m
Length: From 10 m, unlimited in 5 m segments
Sidewall height: 4 m

Floor height: 3 m
Cam height: Depending on the selected width
Spacing distance: 5 m




  • PVC (Translucent/transparent)


  • ABS walling (optional: double walls for isolation)
  • Glass walling (different types)


  • Single door
  • Double door


  • Cassette floor
  • Heavy duty floor

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A-frame Curved
10 to 25 meters wide 10 to 25 meters wide


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