Pagoda marquee for an exclusive event

Say you’re hosting a large festival or event. Be it a corporate event or culinary event. The classic pagoda tent is very suitable for these events.


They can be used for catering serving, wardrobe, first-aid room or as entrance to your event. Luxury pagodas are the perfect addition to your event. Not only are they classy, they are also the finishing touch to your event. We can set up our pagodas at any location you desire. Our pagoda tent is a real eyecather. This type of partytent with High Peak roof is used for fairs, exhibitions, shows and many other events.


The HP-frame Event Series is standard available in 3×3 m., 4×4 m. and 5×5 m. With available rain gutters it is possible to connect more tents in different combinations without leaking raindrops. Roofcovers are standard made out of 800 gr/m² block-out PVC and really good tensioned with spindle. The mainframe of the pagodatent is made out of anodized aluminum profile and will assure a long life time for your new tent. This tent will be delivered including wind load calculations, PVC reports and assembly manual.

How many pagodas do you need?

If you’d like to have multiple pagodas set-up at your event, you have to option to link them. We link them using a nice, clean, wind and rain-proof connection.


Pagodas come in the following size:

  • Pagoda Tent 3×3 m
  • Pagoda Tent 4×4 m
  • Pagoda Tent 5×5 m


The sidewall height of a pagoda marquee is 2.3 meters. The amount of pagodas you need depends on the size of your event and the number of guests. Are you unsure how many pagodas you need? Or do you have questions regarding pagoda marquee hire? Contact Kontent Structures for free advice regarding pagoda tents.

Why rent a pagoda marquee?

  • Pagoda tents are multifunctional
  • Can be linked indefinitely
  • Comes with heavy duty floor or cassettes
  • Can be delivered with colored roof

Pagoda tent applications

Are you wondering if pagodas are suitable for you event? Pagodas are mostly suitable for smaller events and parties. We’ve set up pagodas at many an event. Some suitable applications for pagoda tents:


  • Drinks or catering serving
  • Wardrobe
  • First-aid area
  • Locker area
  • Culinary events
  • Corporate events and parties
  • Entrance

The many options of a pagoda tent

Do you want to rent a pagoda from Kontent Structures? We can offer you many additional features. It’s possible to have the roof lighted and you can add doors and glass panels to your pagoda. A pagoda tent comes with white PVC fabric roofs and sidewalls and a heavy duty floor. The following extras can be added to pagoda tents:


  • Hard PVC sidewall panels
  • Glass panels
  • Single or double doors
  • Floor cassettes
  • Bannerframe or counter

Different colors

Would you like to link more than 2 pagodas together? Pagodas can be linked together indefinitely, giving you the option to set the pagodas up in, for example, a row, a U-shape or a square.We’ve got different colors pagoda tents for rent. These different colors give your event a completely different look:


  • Olivegreen
  • Dijon ( Mustard Yellow)
  • Dark Blue
  • Burgundy ( Wine Red)
  • Concrete ( Anthracite)
  • Pepper ( Taupe)

Pagoda tents from Kontent Structures

  • At Kontent Structures, we offer pagoda tents for rentals and sales. We have more than 20 years of experience in pagoda tents.
  • Safety is one of our priorities. That’s why Kontent Structures is equipped with a SCC certification. Not only the company is certified, the complete installation team is in possession of a personal SCC certificate.
  • Pagoda tents are deliverable from stock and available in almost any color. A pagoda tent with colored roof is not available from stock. Please contact us for more information about the delivery of colored pagoda tents.
  • Our pagoda tents are fully tested according to DIN 8020-41. Want to buy or rent a pagoda tent? Please contact us for free advice and/or a free quote.

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