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Festival Structure 340

“A spectacular eye-catcher that has an impressive appearance! ”


The Festival Structure 340 is one of our special tents. Thanks to its special shape, this original alu-hall is a special appearance. The Festival Structure 340 has been specially designed to be set up during major festivals and events. The size of the tent makes it possible to receive a large number of visitors in this alu-hall.


With its eye-catching curves and unique arch shape the Festival Series 340 is a feast for the eyes.

The FS 340 is suitable for both temporary and semi-permanent use. This tent accommodation is ideally suited for public events, festivals, as a sports venue and much more. Besides this, it can also be used for industrial applications, for instance as an airplane hangar or warehouse. Thanks to its imposing appearance and special shape, the FS 340 is, all in all, spectacular, both outside and inside.


The sturdy aluminium construction of the FS 340 is covered with a PVC coated polyester fabric. On the one hand, the FS 340 compares with the safety requirements, strength and finishing of semi-permanent buildings. On the other hand, the FS 340 has the advantages of a lightweight construction, which means that it can be assembled and dismantled just as quickly. The FS 340 meets the requirements of the prescribed snow and wind loads for both types of structures.


Are you interested in the Festival Series 340? Then contact one of our specialists for free advice!


Transport racks


With the corresponding transport racks which are optionally available, you can be assured that the materials can be transported to the site as efficiently and safely as possible. A high transport volume and preservation of all materials is essential.


During the construction of the FS 340, all the parts you need are easily accessible. Your event location or semi-permanent accommodation will be ready for use in almost no time.

Suitable for:

Festival tent

Event tent

Concert hall


Sports accommodation

(semi) Permanent use

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Max. allowed wind speed 116 km/u (0.5 kN/m² 0.66 kN/m²)
Profile 340/154 (4 channel)
Type of connections Galvanised steel
Aluminium type Extruded anodised aluminium
Roof and wall covers Translucent 620 gr/m² or Opaque 750 gr/ m²
Roof and wall covers UV resistant and fire-retardant in accordance with: DIN 4102-B1, M2; BS 5438/7837 DIN


Span width: 30m / 40m
Minimum length: 30m / 40m
Maximum length: unlimited in 5 metre segments
Eave height: 4m
Ridge height: 12.6m / 15m
Roof slope: 25 degrees
Bay distance: 5m
Longest component: 10.6m



  • Translucent
  • Coloured
  • Custom print


  • PVC coated polyester fabric sidewalls


  • Heavy duty frames
  • Cassettes


  • Single door
  • Double door

Transport racks

  • Optionally available

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