About Kontent Structures

Ambitious, Experienced, Innovative

Kontent Structures has started business back in 1998. At first Kontent focussed on hiring out and rental of party tents and marquees,  throughout The Netherlands. During the course of time the company has grown sufficiently, and developed towards an international operating representative supplier of aluminium structures which offer temporary or semi permanent accommodation for Events, Festivals, Exhibitions, Storage and many kinds of Industrial and Logistics solutions.

Wherever or whenever one needs temporary space or accommodation, Kontent Structures can create it!

The fast growth of the company has been possible because of the core values, work ethics and efficient operating principles which have been important from the very beginning. Moreover, these key factors are still sustained and always evolving with regard to the future. They form the base in the success of Kontent Structures, and made effective and sustainable expansion towards international operations possible.

Our fleet of aluminium structures, marquees, flooring systems, means of transportation and supporting vehicles has grown and professionalised. The reach of purposes and size for solutions we can offer has expanded significantly. Our operating principles and processes, internally and externally, became more professional and more sophisticated.

These days, Kontent Structures is a very experienced and professional company with an international focus; active throughout Europe. In addition to hiring out and renting temporary accommodation of many kinds; we also develop, innovate and produce aluminium structures and flooring systems. Our sales branch is committed to the international sales of our structure solutions.

Cleaning and maintenance

To keep all our renting materials in mint condition, we operate a number of machines to facilitate all the cleaning activities. A state of the art marquee washing machine, to clean all the roof covers and side walls thoroughly. A machine to rub and polish the lot of pvc and sandwich sidewalls. Even our flooring frames and cassette floor systems are scrubbed and polished by a special machine to ensure that they are clean, safe and of high quality.

That is what Kontent Structures stands for. Spotless white, immaculate marquees and event tents and usable, efficient and high quality business solutions for temporary space.

Workshop, production and technical support

Our main location in Bodegraven, The Netherlands contains a fully equipped workshop which is an important part of our company. Multiple employees operate the workshop fulltime for a wide range of activities as metal works, welding and milling. This way we fully control the maintenance and repairs of our temporary structures, flooring systems and support vehicles.

Next to this, design and produce new aluminium structures, marquees and flooring systems for clients in the sales market.

Workforce, training and certification

Our team of employees is ambitious and engaged. By far the most members of the workforce have a position at Kontent Structures for many years now. This makes them committed and experienced, and makes the unique operating principles and way of thinking at Kontent Structures sustainable. Something we find very important.

Everyone who is working at Kontent Structures has a personal SCC diploma (Safety Checklist for Contractors). This encompasses knowledge of issues such as the applicable legislation and regulations, how to recognize unsafe situations and actions, and the implementation of measures intended to prevent accidents.

Kontent Structures is also certified on a corporate level. This covers SCC and ISO 9001 certification and are audited on a yearly basis.

That is Kontent Structures. Ambitious, Experienced and Innovative.

View our corporate movie about the set-up of a semipermanent building: