Kontent Structures Rentals is engaged in the rental of tent structures and tent floors throughout the Netherlands and Europe. At Kontent Structures Rentals we like to think along with you to come up with a solution for your spatial problem. We take care of both small and large projects through our full-service project services. Your temporary or semi-permanent accommodation will be realized from A to Z under our supervision, including any permits. Our experienced project leaders also maintain contact with suppliers and regulators. Your tent construction is delivered turnkey.

Would you like to rent a tent and do you think after a while that you want to take over the tent completely? Then this can always be discussed at Kontent Structures.

Tent structures for various purposes

Kontent Structures Rentals has a wide range of tent constructions for different purposes. See below for what purposes we can help you.

High quality of rentals

  • Appropriate and expert advice from one of our specialists
  • Tent rental including construction and dismantling
  • Placed within 24 hours due to an emergency
  • SCC and ISO 9001:2015 certified and over 20 years of experience

Lease a tent structure?

Tent structures are durable but very expensive and precious objects. At Kontent Structures we understand that one desires business growth, but at the same time wants to maintain liquidity to operate effectively. With Kontent Structures Leasing we can offer the financial space to make optimal use of your growth opportunities. It is optional to take over the tent in the meantime or after the lease contract has expired.

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