Modular building system for industrial applications

Are you looking for extra space in your car garage or do you need a temporary workshop in the short term? Then a demountable workshop from Kontent Structures is the perfect solution to solve this problem. Kontent Structures is a specialist in placing industrial, flexible and demountable tent accommodations for various applications.

When the choice is made to purchase a demountable workspace that is used in the automotive sector, the customer is assured of a high-quality tent structure. In addition, Kontent Structures offers tailor-made temporary or permanent workspaces, so that the tent accommodation can be realized completely according to your wishes.

The advantages of a demountable workspace or garage

Over 25 years of experience
Construction completed in a few weeks
Flexible in design, height, dimensions and duration of use
Suitable for temporary and (semi-)permanent use
Free span from 5m to 40m
Sustainably responsible
Sidewall height from 3m to 8m
A simple (municipal) licensing process
Lower overall costs than for new buildings
In-house development and production


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