Kontent Structures Sales develops, produces and sells professional tent structures for events and business solutions. Kontent Structures Sales is all about creating a good connection between your wishes and our offer. If you are not quite sure what you are looking for, Kontent Structures Sales will gladly help you.


At Kontent Structures it is possible to buy a new tent, without having to be tied to it forever. Kontent Structures offers a buy-back scheme if desired. Even if you haven’t made an agreement in advance about a buy-back scheme, you can always contact us to discuss the options.

Would you like to buy a tent, but preferably spread the costs? Then Kontent Structures offers the ideal middle ground. You rent the tent for a fixed price per month, but if the full amount is paid, it becomes yours!

Tent rental company?

Are you a tent rental company looking for the most suitable tents? Kontent Structures has a wide range of tents that you can rent out to customers. In addition to the existing tents that we offer, Kontent Structures also offers the option to deliver a custom-made tent. In addition, it is also possible to buy loose material for tents. Kontent Structures can guarantee that the material is assembled efficiently and safely and that it is tested before it comes to you.

Which structure type are you looking for?

Kontent Structures Sales sells tents for every occasion. The possibilities are endless. Kontent Structures has tents in all shapes and sizes. Apart from the tents that are offered, Kontent Structures can make custom tents. View our range below for the type of tent you are looking for.

High quality tent structures

R&D, engineering, production, and assembly in-house
Fast shipping of materials due to a large stock
High-quality tent structures available for sharp prices
SCC and ISO 9001:2015 certified and over 20 years of experience