Pagoda tents by Kontent Structures
Pagoda tents by Kontent Structures
Pagoda tents by Kontent Structures
Pagoda tents by Kontent Structures
Pagoda tents by Kontent Structures
Pagoda tents by Kontent Structures
Pagoda tents by Kontent Structures
Pagoda tents by Kontent Structures

Pagoda Structures

The Pagoda Structure can be recognized by its festive pointed roof. It is a popular tent accommodation in the event industry.  Pagoda Structures are multifunctional and suitable for many applications, such as drink and catering service points, entrance tents, first aid rooms, cloakrooms or exhibition stands. They are quick to assemble, disassemble, can link several tent constructions together and are available in multiple colours.

Thanks to our in-house team of specialist, we can provide the best possible solution for your needs. With our production facility and a large stock of materials in our warehouse of 5000 m², Kontent Structures offers a customized solution and fast shipping. Kontent Structures is internationally active for more than 20 years. We provided more than  10,000 m² of tent structures.

We provide the option to rent or buy a Pagoda Structure based on your spatial needs. Interested in renting or buying a Pagoda Structure? Contact our sales or rentals department for detailed information.

Dimensions available from 3m up to 6 m
Unlimited length when connecting the pagoda structures
Height available from 2,3 m up to 3 m, depending on the structure type
Quick assembly and disassembly
Easy to adapt to your wishes
For many different applications

Realised Pagoda Structures

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Rent a Pagoda Structure

Looking for a Pagoda Structure for festivals and events? We have been renting Pagoda Structures all over Europe for more than 20 years. We link a practical approach to your wishes and ideas, with attention to your budget.

From one to an endless number of Pagoda Structures: we install them under all conceivable circumstances and in the most special locations.

Buy a Pagoda Structure

Looking for a demountable, sustainable and affordable tent construction for your event or festival? Or do you, as a professional tent rental company, want to buy high-quality Pagoda Structures to expand your range?

We are the tent sales supplier of the Benelux. We develop, produce and sell Pagoda Structures for festivals and events.

Additional information for pagoda structures

We have the right accommodation for (temporarily) event structures. Spread over several possible types of tent structures, many widths and heights are available:

  • Width: 3 to 6 m
  • Length:  3 to 6 m, unlimited when the Pagoda Structures will be connected
  • Sidewall height: from 2.3 m, depending on the type and version up to 3 m
  • The ridge height is determined by the type of tent construction in combination with the width and sidewall height

Are you looking for a (custom) Pagoda Structure? Please contact one of our advisors. We are happy to tell you all about the possibilities. Together we look at your situation so that we can find the best solution for your spatial needs.