Supermarket and retail space

Do you need extra business space in your supermarket or shop due to a lack of space? Or are you looking for a temporary retail property due to a calamity that has occurred, such as a fire? Then a demountable supermarket or retail space from Kontent Structures is the perfect solution. Within a few weeks, Kontent Structures has realized a complete modular building system for you, which only requires the layout to meet.

Kontent Structures’ demountable retail spaces or supermarkets are ideal if you want to keep your business running, but are unable to realize a permanent building in the short term. A store or supermarket that can be dismantled is also sustainable, because of the reusability of the structures.

SCC** and ISO 9001

Trained personnel working safely, responsibly and environmentally consciously on the construction site

Over 25 years of experience

The specialist in (semi-)permanent accommodation for events and business solutions

In-house production

Demountable buildings from Kontent Structures are custom designed and manufactured