Are you looking for a temporary warehouse, temporary building, or do you need extra storage space close to you? And do you want this without being permanently tied to anything, with an option to increase your storage space? Then, a storage tent from Kontent Structures is the perfect solution for all your temporary or (semi-) permanent spatial needs. Whatever your space needs, Kontent Structures can place, modify, maintain and dismantle your desired tent accommodation.

Besides the fact that storage tents are often used for extra storage space, storage tents can also be used as a temporary canteen, workshop, work-through facility, hangar, the roof of swimming pools and sports fields, sports facility, showroom, supermarket or as retail space.

If you are wondering whether a storage tent is suitable for your situation or if you have other questions, please contact us by phone or via the contact form, to give you the best advice.

SCC and ISO 9001

Trained personnel working safely, responsibly and environmentally consciously on the construction site

Over 25 years of experience

The specialist in (semi-)permanent accommodation for events and business solutions

In-house production

Demountable buildings from Kontent Structures are custom designed and manufactured


The advantages of a storage hall

A storage hall from Kontent Structures is multi-usable thanks to its modular construction system. Within a few weeks we will place a storage hall completely adapted to your wishes at a location of your choice. The many features and options of a storage hall are endless, but they also bring other advantages.

Demountable warehouses are extremely flexible. At any stage, we can resize or move the tent structure to a new location. This way you are always provided with extra space on or near your site. Your temporary or (semi-)permanent storage hall is realized from start to finish under our supervision. Our advisors are happy to inform you about all the options for renting or buying a storage hall.

The advantages of a Kontent Structures warehouse

  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Development, Engineering, Production and Assembly in-house
  • Fast switching due to large stock and enthusiastic team
  • Realized and operational in a few weeks
  • Adjustable to your needs at any stage
  • Easier permit process than with conventional new construction
  • Extra space at the location of your choice
  • Flexible options to rent, buy or lease.
  • Ideal if you only want to look a few months or years ahead
  • Tailor-made and equipped with a lot of choices in terms of design, height and surface

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Over 25 years of experience
Construction completed in a few weeks
Flexible in design, height, dimensions and duration of use
Suitable for temporary and (semi-)permanent use
Free span from 5m to 40m
Sustainably responsible
Sidewall height from 3m to 8m
A simple (municipal) licensing process
Lower overall costs than for new buildings
In-house development and production

Realised Warehouse Structures

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Are you looking for a warehouse structure, but are you not sure (yet) for how long you will need the warehouse structure? Then Kontent Structures Rentals offers the solution. We have been renting out warehouse structures throughout Europe for more than 20 years. Renting a warehouse structure at Kontent Structures means looking for a temporary, suitable solution for your spatial problem.

From short to semi-permanent: we place warehouse structures under all conceivable circumstances and at the most special locations. No time to arrange everything yourself? In such a case, we also offer complete project care for a turn-key solution.

It is also possible to rent a warehouse structure with an option to purchase. Please contact one of our advisers to discuss the options.


Are you looking for a demountable, sustainable and affordable alternative for new construction of your storage space, business space or event? Or are you a professional tent rental company looking for quality warehouse structures to expand your range? Kontent Structures Sales is the tent structure supplier of the Benelux. We develop, produce and sell warehouse structures in all shapes and sizes.

In addition to our standard range and custom warehouse structures, you can also buy good quality second-hand warehouse structures from us. Come and visit our company location and experience the world of tents for yourself. For more information, please contact one of our advisers.

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