Distribution centre

Demountable building for supermarket chains and wholesale and retail trade

Do you need extra storage space for your stock or orders? Do you want to expand your existing building, but not yet invest in permanent construction? Then a demountable distribution centre from Kontent Structures is the perfect solution for your space needs. Within a few weeks Kontent Structures will provide you with a distribution centre on site; completely built according to your requirements.

A Kontent Structures demountable distribution centre is a durable and affordable alternative to building new warehouses. Kontent Structures demountable buildings are flexible in size, design and life cycle. We realise demountable distribution centres for a period of at least a few weeks, but also for the long term.

The advantages of a temporary distribution centre

Over 25 years of experience
Construction completed in a few weeks
Flexible in design, height, dimensions and duration of use
Suitable for temporary and (semi-)permanent use
Free span from 5m to 40m
Sustainably responsible
Sidewall height from 3m to 8m
A simple (municipal) licensing process
Lower overall costs than for new buildings
In-house development and production


A suitable solution for every occasion

If you choose a demountable building from Kontent Structures, you have the possibility to provide the structure with various features such as: single and double doors, lighting and a choice of many types of wall panels.

In addition to these features, you also have the possibility to partially or fully insulate your tent. At Kontent Structures we offer different forms of insulation, such as insulated walls, air-insulated roof tarpaulins or insulated hard roof panels.

What can an insulated distribution centre do for you?

  • It ensures proper storage for temperature-sensitive goods.
  • It creates a pleasant workplace for employees.
  • It retains heat and reduces heating costs and CO2 emissions.