Need extra space for your growing stock?
Choose a demountable distribution centre on your own premises

Distribution centre

Do you need extra storage space for your stock or orders? Do you want to expand your existing building, but not yet invest in permanent construction? Then a demountable distribution centre from Kontent Structures is the perfect solution for your space needs. Within a few weeks Kontent Structures will provide you with a distribution centre on site; completely built according to your requirements.

A Kontent Structures demountable distribution centre is a durable and affordable alternative to building new warehouses. Kontent Structures demountable buildings are flexible in size, design and life cycle. We realise demountable distribution centres for a period of at least a few weeks, but also for the long term.

A distribution centre available in several variants

Excellent insulation, climate and corrosion resistant
Sustainable responsible
Structures flexible in design, height and size
Built on own premises or on site of your choice
In een korte tijd gebouwd en turnkey oplevering
Affordable alternative to permanent construction or relocation
Suitable for temporary and (semi-)permanent use
A simple (municipal) licensing process

These organisations have come before you

Sustainable responsible

A sustainable solution when space is at a premium

Our temporary distribution centre is excellently insulated and fully reusable. When the extra space becomes redundant over time or the rental period has expired, the building is dismantled and all materials that are usable are reused. The wall panels and floor systems are easily assembled and separate from the modular building system. This allows a temporary hall to be changed in size or moved to a new location.

Various forms of insulation are offered at Kontent Structures, for example insulated walls, air-insulated roof tarpaulins or insulated rigid roof panels.

A distribution centre available in several variants

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SCC and ISO 9001

Trained personnel working safely, responsibly and environmentally consciously on the construction site

Over 25 years of experience

The specialist in (semi-)permanent accommodation for events and business solutions

In-house production

Demountable buildings from Kontent Structures are custom designed and manufactured

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