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NK cyclocross Rupchen

Target client

The organization of the NK Cyclo-Cross Championship considers, it is very important that the visitors experience a good experience during the event. They also want to create a seperate and unique space fot he VIP guests, sponsors and the press. To achieve this unique experience, they would like to set up a tent accomadation that has a view of the match, offers an oppertunity for a snack and drink and is easy to reach fort he guests.


Kontent Structures has set up a VIP accommodation of 20 meters wide by 85 meter long for the NK Cyclo-Cross Championship in Rupchen. The tent served as a VIP, sponsor and press area during the event. A large part of the tent construction contained glass wall panels and the tent also had carpet on the floor. Thanks tot he glass walls on a large part of the tent, guests had the perfect view of the NK Cyclo-Cross. This created a unique experience fort he guests of the event. The tent accommodation was also heated by means of a heating installation.

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