Aluhall Event Structure 170 


The aluhall Event Structure 170 is a perfect intermediate size for different applications. Despite the name ' Event Structure ', this tent structure is also used in infrastructure projects or as a work tent. The free span of this profile goes up to 15 m. wide, combined with a side wall height of 2.3 meters. With a free span it is meant that no pillars are present in the Aluhall. This makes full use of the number of available square meters. The ES 170 can also be supplied with a side wall height of 3 m.


Engineering and production

As a total supplier in the field of aluminium tent constructions we engineer and produce the Aluhall Event Structure 170. This Aluhall is mostly in stock and suitable for both sale and rental. 

Suitable for:

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  • PVC (Translucent/transparent/colour/custom print)


  • PVC (Translucent/transparent/colour/custom print)
  • ABS walling (optional: double walls for isolation)
  • Glass walling (different types)


  • Single door
  • Double door


  • Cassette floor
  • Heavy duty floor

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At Kontent Structures we only work with materials of the best quality. All PVC roof and side walls are equipped with a fire certificate. During the construction and disfitting we only work with approved materials, including the auxiliary vehicles.


In order to maintain safety, we are working according to a strict security policy. The complete Assembly staff is equipped with a SCC certificate, ensuring their safety and safety in your area. Also as a company we are equipped with a SCC certificate. Besides the SCC certificate we also carry an ISO 9001 certification. With this management system we can guarantee a consistent quality and a complete focus on the customer.

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