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The Warehouse Structure 170 is our smallest storage tent. This is not to say that this structure is in place for the other storage tents. The WS 170 is very suitable when you are looking for some extra storage space because of your company’s growth.


This storage tent has many extra options to facilitate the tent accommodation. How about an isolated roof? This is useful when, for example, you want to protect your products from the cold or condensation. In Addition, the WS 170 can also be equiped with single or double doors or perhaps an automatic roller door, so that your transport movements will continue.

Suitable for:

Storage of commodities

Storage of caravans/ motorhomes / cars

Canopy for swimming pool

Canteen (Temporary)

Windfree work tent

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Main profile 170/88/3 (4 channel)
Maximum allowed wind speed Until 100 km/h
PVC roof & wall covers 620 gr/m² translucent or 750 gr/m² Opaque
PVC roof & wall covers European UV-resistant and flame retardant according to: DIN 4102-B1, M2
Aluminium type European anodized Aluminium
Connecting type Steel (galvanized) inserts


Width: available from 5 to 15 m, in units of 2.5 m
Length: minimum 5 m, unlimited extendable in segments of 2.5 m
Sidewall height: 3.00, 3.50 or 4.40 m
Roof slope: 15 degrees
Spacing distance: 2.5 m


Extra options

  • Insulated roof and facade
  • Insulated walls by means of sandwich panels
  • Glass walls
  • Rolling door, manual or electric

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