WS 300

This tent construction is known for its large storage capacity and provides the capabilities to realize extra storage space or business space for your company in a short time. This storage tent is available with a free span of up to 40 meters wide!

The length of the Warehouse Structure 300 is unlimited in segments of 5 m. The side wall height depends on the width, possibly up to 8 m high.

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Technical specifications

Width up to 40m
Free span Yes
Length Unlimited in 5m segments
Height 4m | 5m 6m | 8m (depending on the width)
Roof Translucent 620gr/m² or Opaque 750gr/m²
Wall Plastic | Glass walls | Isolated (sandwich)
Standards for roof and wall European UV-resistant and fire-retardant: DIN 4102-B1, M2; BS 5438/7837; USA NFPA701

WS 300 is suitable as:

  • Warehouse and storage
  • Distribution center
  • Convenience store
  • Garage and workshop
  • Showroom

Huge storage capacity

The Warehouse Structure 300 is supplied with sandwich sidewall panels as standard. Of course, several additional options exist to adapt the space to your specific situation and wishes.

An insulated PVC roof minimises condensation or the indispensable electric overhead door when transport movements occur in the storage tent.

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Some options for the WS 300

Optie: Enkele deur

Single pass door

Optie: Dubbele loopdeur

Double pass door

Optie: Overheaddeur

Overhead door

Optie: Lichtband Kontent Structures

Light bands

Optie: Sandwichpaneel

Sandwich panels

Optie: Kunststofpanelen

Plastic panels