Distributiecentrum voor Dekamarkt

Warehouse Structure Dekamarkt

Storage facility | Industrial application

Dekamarkt Velsen-Noord


Target client
Install extra storage space in a short time. This was achieved with a temporary insulated business accommodation, which was used by the client as an extra warehouse for the Dekamarkt distribution centre.



Dekamarkt is a distribution centre in Velsen-Noord. Various goods are received here, distributed and transported to other locations. The sharp increase and the upward trend of online shopping have created a shortage of space. In order to quickly overcome the lack of space, it was decided to build temporary insulated business accommodation. Following several discussions with our client, we delivered a storage tent with a free span of 20 meters. In addition, the sidewall height is 4 meters and the tent construction has a length of 35 meters so that this version of our Warehouse Structure 225 offers a space of 700 m². In addition to sandwich panels as sidewalls and an insulated roof, this tent construction has 2 wicket doors and 7 overhead doors that are placed on one side of the tent. These overhead doors have been placed to supply the delivery vans. To completely close the tent, perforated steelwork of 4 mm was used to keep vermin out.


Realizing an optimal space layout was essential from two aspects:

  • Guaranteeing the 1,5-meter line for employees and customer
  • Lack of operational space

Project Details

Tent structures used for this project

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