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Welding room for industrial sector (Maasvlakte Olie Terminal)

Maasvlakte Olie Terminal Client’s


Objective client
Due to welding work in one of the oil tanks, there is a demand for a roof. This means that work can be continued regardless of the weather conditions.


Maasvlakte Oil Terminal (MOT) is a specialized company in the storage and transhipment of crude oil. The terminal has 39 tanks with a total capacity of 4,500,000 m3 that are suitable for crude oil. Regular checks take place at the oil tanks. The roof of one of the oil tanks was due for replacement, which involved welding work, among other things.

For this renovation, the customer was looking for a roof that would allow work to be carried out not only safely, but also regardless of the weather conditions. By placing an ES110 (5m x 25m x 2.3m side height), the renovation work was able to take place.

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