FS 340

A spectacular eye-catcher that creates an impressive appearance!

Festival Structure 340 is one of our special tents. The Festival Structure 340 is specially designed for large festivals and events. Due to the size of the tent, it is possible to receive a large number of visitors in this alu hall.

With its striking curves and unique arch shape, the Festival Series 340 is a feast for the eyes!

The FS 340 is ideally suited for large public events, festivals or as a sports hall, among other things. In addition, industrial applications such as an aircraft hangar or storage shed are also possible. Due to its impressive appearance and special shape, the FS 340 offers a spectacular whole, both outside and inside.

The sturdy aluminium construction of the FS 340 is equipped with a PVC tarpaulin. On the one hand, the FS 340 meets the safety requirements, strength and finishing of semi-permanent buildings. On the other hand, the FS 340 has the advantages of a lightweight construction, which means that the speed during construction and dismantling remains unabated. The FS 340 meets the guidelines for the prescribed snow and wind loads.

Suitable for:

  • Festivals
  • Events
  • Concerts
  • Storage tents
  • Hangar
  • Sports facility

Main profile (mm) 340/154 (4 channel)
Width 30 m / 40 m
Length Unlimited in 5 metre segments
Roof & wall covers Transculent 620gr/m² of Opaque 750gr/m²
Roof and wall standards UV resistant and flame retardant in accordance with: DIN 4102-B1, M2; Bs 5438/7837 DIN
Connectietype Galvanised steel
Max. toegestane windsnelheid 116 km/u
Roof Translucent, colored, custom printing
Wall Polyester sidewalls with PVC coating
Doors Single door or double door
Floor Cassette floor or Heavy-duty floor
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