PS 270

This aluminium hall Polygon Structure 270 is ideal for large events due to its height and large span. During the design of the PS 270, it was taken into account that a lot of light and sound equipment can be hung in the frame.

The PS 270 is also very suitable for ice rinks during winter events. Partly due to its beautiful structure, the PS 270 is a real eye-catcher!


The Polygon Series 270 is ideal for festivals, fairs and large events, but is also excellent for creating temporary sports accommodations or warehousing. The versions with a free span of 20, 25 and 30 meters make the Polygon 270 a multi-purpose accommodation, temporary and semi-permanent!

Due to the construction with different roof pitches of 33° and 11° and the high ridge, the PS 270 offers a lot of effective interior space for, for example, the construction of high stages. In addition, the aluminium construction offers a solid user load on the suspension points.

Suitable for:

  • Festivals
  • (Corporate) events
  • Sports facility
  • Storage area
  • Semi-permanent use

Technical specifications

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