RS 300

The Riverside Structure 300 is a new tent construction and unique in its kind. This RS 300 is made of aluminium components and can be used for every conceivable application due to its very professional and businesslike appearance. The Riverside 300 is characterized by glass walls, high side walls, its own colour scheme and enough space for your own corporate identity.


The Riverside Structure 300 is ideal for business applications such as showroom, retail space, trade shows and sports centres. The versions with a free span of up to 25 meters make the RS 300 a very spacious commercial tent accommodation, both temporary and semi-permanent!

The RS 300 has a unique roof pitch of only 7°! Due to the high upright edge (Roof banner) up to 2.5 m with your own house style and the large glass fronts, this beautiful tent construction has the appearance of a modern business building.

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Technical specifications

Width up to 25m
Free span Yes
Length Unlimited in 5m segments
Roof covering Translucent 620gr/m² or non-translucent 750gr/m²
Wall covering Glass walls | Insulated (sandwich)
Wind load According to: EN 13782

RS 300 is suitable as:

  • Showroom
  • Supermarket & retail space
  • Warehouse

The advantages of an RS 300 from Kontent Structures

Excellent insulation, climate and corrosion resistant
Sustainably responsible
Structures flexible in design, height and size
Built on own premises or on site of your choice
In een korte tijd gebouwd en turnkey oplevering
Affordable alternative to permanent construction or relocation
Suitable for temporary and semi-permanent use
A simple (municipal) licensing process

A few options for the RS 300

Optie: Enkele deur

Enkele loopdeur

Optie: Dubbele loopdeur

Dubbele loopdeur

Glazen wand

Optie: Sandwichpaneel


Optie: Lichtband Kontent Structures


Optie: Verlichting Kontent Structures


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