ES 225

The marquee event structure 225, also known as ES 225 offers the possibility to create a large and flexible (temporary) space. The solid construction makes the ES225 the ideal solution for many applications. The ES 225 structure is commonly used for multiple types of events, like large exhibitions and structures fitted as dressing rooms or canteen. This structure is very suitable as a (temporary) retail space or showroom.

The marquee event structure has the options of a free span from 10 m up to 25 m and available with different sidewall heights. The free span provided by this event structure makes sure that you make full use of the available square meters, due to no central poles in the tent structure. The marquee event structure is standard featured with white sides and roof tarpaulins.

It is possible to fit this event structure with many optional features, for example, plastic or glass wall panels and single or double doors. The ES 225 is available with an A-frame, a gabled roof and a curved frame and an arched roof.

Main profile (mm) 225/101/3.5/5.5 (4 channels)
Width 10 m, 15 m, 20 m, 25 m
Length Unlimited extensions in 5 m segments
Roof & wall covers Transculent 620 gr/m² of Opaque 750 gr/m²
Roof & wall covers European UV-resistant and fire-retardant according to: DIN 4102-B1, M2; BS 5438/7837; USA NFPA701
Connecting type Steel inserts (galvanized)
Max allowed wind speed 100km/h (0.5kN/m²)
Floor Cassette floor
Floor Heavy Duty floor
Wall Plastic wall
Wall Glass wall
Door types Single or double door
Structure Available with a curved roof structure