WSI 300

The WSI 300 from Kontent Structures is the latest variant in the series of storage tents. This storage tent is specially designed and made for industrial applications. Think of temporary supermarkets, temporary office buildings, temporary distribution halls, temporary warehouses and temporary storage of goods. In principle, this type of storage tent is for any desired industrial space requirement.

The industrial storage tent WSI 300 is an affordable, efficient and non-binding alternative to permanent buildings. The WSI 300 consists of sturdy and durable materials. The WSI 300 is also suitable for every season and can withstand various weather conditions. There is a limit to what the tent can handle in terms of snow load and wind speeds. However, these are particularly high for the WSI 300. If you are in doubt, based on weather forecasts, whether the tent can handle it, you can always call our advisors to take the necessary precautions.

Technical specifications