Double Decker Tent Structures – For An Amazing View!

An alu-frame structure with 2 or 3 floors is something truly unique! It’s all possible at Kontent Structures. Whether you need your guests to have an unobstructed view on a (sporting) event, or you simply want to give them a special, unforgettable experience, a multi-level structure is the way to go.


If your venue doesn’t have enough floor space to accommodate the number of guests you’d like to receive, a multi-level structure is the perfect solution. Simply multiply the available floor space by the number of floors. The first and second floors can be completely covered, but they can also be set-up partly or completely as balconies, open or covered. Configuration possibilities of a multi level tent are endless.

Double decker tent applications

Double decker tent structures are perfectly suitable for:

  • Sporting events
  • Racing events
  • Hospitality and VIP accommodation
  • Concours Hippiques
  • Festivals
  • Corporate events
  • Exhibitions & congresses

Double decker tent dimensions

Double decker tent can be set up from 5 to 30 meters wide. They can be any length, in 5 meter segments. The first floor is 4 meters high. In the case of a tripple-deck structure, the height of the second floor is 8 meters.


The first or second floor of the double decker tent can be completely covered, or partly set up as a covered or open balcony.


The usable surface area and configuration depend completely on your chosen application. Contact us to realize the exact setup you have in mind.

Additional features to a multi level tent

  • Heating
  • Glass sidewall panels
  • Temperature control
  • Carpet
  • Hardwood balcony floor
  • Luxury railing / fencing sponsor pavilions

Multi level structure material

These structures consist of a heavy aluminium frame, that’s certified according to statical load calculations. The frame is built in 5 meter modules. The floors are made of heavy-grade treated, non-skid plywood, fitted in a galvanized steel frame.


Roof and gable fabric is made from certified, fire resistant PVC, the PVC side panels and layered glass panels are also certified.

Additional information regarding multi level tent

  • Rare and exclusive, a true eye-catcher
  • Available for rentals and sales
  • A double decker tent can be rented daily, weekly, monthly or semipermanently
  • Availability as per request
  • Substantial discounts for annual events
  • Terms and conditions apply to the rental of sales of double decker tent structures

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