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Multi Level Structures


Also when a certain location offers too little space for the number of people you would like to receive, a multi-storey tent can offer a solution to this problem. Let`s go higher! You create a multiple of the (expensive) available floor space with a double-decker or tripledeck multi-storey tent. The 2nd or 3rd floor can be completely covered by means of a luxury marquee, but terraces can also be created on upper floors, whether or not covered. The possibilities for an impressive, exclusive accommodation are very diverse.

The advantages of multi level structure

  • Multi level can be put together as desired
  • Quick set-up and dismantling by Kontent Structures
  • Creating a unique experience at the event
  • Doubling the usage meters

Purposes of a multi level structure

  • Hospitality accommodation
  • Concours hippiques
  • Sponsor pavilions
  • VIP accommodation
  • Motor sport and motorsport events
  • Festivals
  • Sport events
  • Fairs & congresses

Rent a multi level structure

Looking for a multi level structure for business premises or for an event? We have been renting multi level structure throughout Europe for more than 20 years. Renting a multi level structure at Kontent Structures means looking for a suitable solution for your spatial problem. We link a practical approach to your wishes and ideas, with attention to your budget. From short to semi-permanent: we place multi level structures under all conceivable circumstances and in the most special locations. Do you want to rent a multi-storey tent, but don’t have time to arrange it all? In such a case, we also offer complete project care for a turnkey solution

Buy a multi level structure

Looking for a demountable, sustainable and affordable alternative for new construction of your storage space, business space or event? Or do you, as a professional tent rental company, want to buy a high-quality multi-storey tent to expand your range? We are the tent sales supplier of the Benelux. We develop, produce and sell multi-storey tents for events and business solutions. Come and visit our company location and experience the world of tents for yourself.

Dimensions multi level structures

Multi-storey tents can be configurated in different ways:


Width: from 5 to 25 m

Length: multiples of 5 m, as long as you wish

Height per floor: 4 m


You can rent a multi-storey tent with us from 200 m². We are happy to discuss which version and dimensions fit your event. This also depends on the surface and the purpose of the marquee. We are happy to provide you with appropriate advice to achieve a spectacular end result together.

Additional features to a multi level tent

  • Luxury railing & fencing
  • Hardwood balcony floor
  • Heating installation
  • Conditioning and/or ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Glass panels (possible horizonal or vertical)
  • Safety features

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