Terrasoverkapping ES 170 Aluhal door Kontent Structures

Patio Cover Strandpaviljoen Urk


Strandpaviljoen Urk

Objective client

Covering terrace beach tent during the winter months

Beach Pavilion Urk is located in the picturesque village of Urk, located on the IJsselmeer. To get through the cold winter months cosy, dry and cozy, the owner has chosen to cover the terrace of the beach pavilion. By means of customization, the tent construction is made in such a way that it fits perfectly on the terrace.

Kontent Structures used the ES 170 (8 x 8 m) for this roof.

Because the tent structure has a free span, the space can be used optimally. Furthermore, a burgundy red roof tarpaulin with anthracite and transparent side walls was chosen, so that the tent fits perfectly with the original colors of the beach tent.


The tent construction is placed on a high terrace. Thanks to our aluminum parts and skilled staff, this was no problem.

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