Extra reception area for hospitals

Reception area | Business application


Isala Hospital in Zwolle

Rijnstate Hospital in Arnhem

St. Antonius Hospital in Nieuwegein


Objective client

In Zwolle and Arnhem there was an urgent need for additional reception space.


In Nieuwegein, various triage tents had to be made operational in a short time.


The hospitals in Zwolle (Isala) and Arnhem (Rijnstate) have similar Emergency Tents that function as extra reception space to create a good flow.


Several Emergency tents were installed in Nieuwegein (St. Antonius) in a short time.


The main accommodation of 240m² serves as an Emergency Hospital. This has 4 compartments, a waiting room, a registration desk, a triage room with privacy screens and an escalation room.


Pagoda tents in various sizes serve, among other things, as a changing area for protective clothing for the hospital staff as well as for the safe disposal of already used protective clothing.

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