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Kontent Structures Metal Works

Metal production

Since January 2019, Kontent Structures Metal Works is fully operational. With this part within the Kontent Structures Group we focus on producing all metal tent parts and floor frames.


At KS Metal Works we make use of the latest technologies. The machine park contains among other welding robots, CNC side benches and a tube and plate laser. Because of this we are able to produce very high precision and efficiency metal parts of the highest quality.


It is produced entirely according to the NEN-EN 1090 standard. This is the European standard for (bearing) steel and aluminium constructions since July 2014. This standard lists all the requirements that a steel and aluminium construction must meet.

Tube and Plate Laser

The tube and plate laser we use is a combination machine of the brand BLM Adige. With this machine we are able to edit very large tubes up to a diameter of 225mm. Plates can be worked up to a size of 3,000 x 6,000 mm. This combo laser machine is pre-programmed and loaded prior to production, making the production fully automated.




Robotic welding

The robotic welding is mounted on a track of 13 meters. Because of this we have the possibility to weld products of more than 13 meters with the robot. By means of large manipulators, both large and small parts are rotated during the automated welding process.






Both Kontent Structures Sales and Kontent Structures Metal Works are equipped with an Engineering department. A team of experienced engineers is responsible for the technical calculation and illustration of projects, designs and products.


Every engineer has years of experience and appropriate education. Kontent Structures uses Solidworks engineering software. With this program we are able to build very precise 3D models. This program also takes into account the advantages of our machine park. You can think of saving on production time, residual material and a focus on ease of installation for the customer.

Want to know more about the production of metal tent parts and floor frames within Kontent Structures? Then contact us via the contact form or call us on+31 (0) 172 72 62 62.

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