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Sale of Aluminium Tent constructions

At Kontent Structures Sales, complete aluminium tent constructions are developed and produced. We are the only producing company of aluminium tent constructions in the Netherlands. We started these activities in 2010 and are now grown to a recognized manufacturer for the Benelux.


We have many different tent constructions in our assortment, from pagoda tents to very large event tents with a width up to 50m free span. The length is in 5m segments unlimited. All our tent constructions are fully tested and delivered including construction calculations according to the Euro code NEN-EN 13782, which are required according to NEN-8020-41. These calculations apply to the event industry.


Our storage tents and semipermanent accommodations are achievable up to a width of 40m with full snow load according to NEN-EN 1991-1-3 (loading on constructions). Depending on width and execution possible with side panels heights of up to 8m.


The production department has a machine park with several CNC milling machines for the machining of the aluminium profiles. After processing, all parts are assembled and subjected to a quality inspection in a fully equipped workshop. The CNC milling machines are from the brand Emmegi. These machines edit aluminium profiles up to a size of 400×400 mm with a profile length up to more than 10m. All CNC milling machines are pre-programmed and as input we use our 3D models from Solidworks which are made by the engineering department.


CNC Freesmachine



All our aluhalls and pagoda tents are delivered including Dutch or English-language construction calculations according to NEN-en 13782 norm. In addition, all our produced tent accommodations comply with the safety rules of the NEN 8020-41.


Semi accommodations also comply with all applicable euro codes, such as:


  • NEN-EN 1991-1-3 for snow load.
  • NEN-EN 1991-1-4 for wind load.
  • NEN-EN 1993-1 for design and calculations of steel structures.
  • NEN-EN 1999-1-1 for design and calculations of aluminium constructions.




Both Kontent Structures Sales and Kontent Structures Metal Works are equipped with an Engineering department. A team of experienced engineers is responsible for the technical calculation and illustration of projects, designs and products. Every engineer has years of experience and appropriate education. Kontent Structures uses Solidworks engineering software. With this program we are able to build very precise 3D models. This program also takes into account the advantages of our machine park. You can think of saving on production time, residual material and a focus on ease of installation for the customer.

ES300 Sportaccommodatie

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