At Kontent Structures, the commitment to environmental protection is more than present. We aim to minimise the environment with our work. Sustainability is integrated into our business strategy. Kontent structures has been working for years from Bodegraven as a service provider for temporary spaces, paying attention to the client and the rural environment from which we operate. In recent years we have grown hard as a company and have been given sustainability a central place within the organization. To maintain our leading position, we constantly look at permanent sustainable solutions such as innovative building techniques, sustainable production methods and washing methods. Recycling also plays an important role within our organisation.


Environmentally conscious approach

Kontent Structures continually strives for an environmentally conscious approach. This is reflected in many aspects of our company policy. Compliance with all legal and environmental regulations is self-evident within our total business operations. We strive to relieve the environment, save the natural resources and meet the high expectations of our customers. Recycling plays an important role in this. The water from our sailing washing machine is recycled and strictly environmentally friendly cleaning products are used. Continuous innovation of our tent materials and floor systems is constantly working on weight saving and durability. With the specific composition of our truck combinations and internally developed transport systems, the loading volume and number of transport movements are minimised, with the additional aim being that in 2022 our company fleet for 100% consists of vehicles with a EURO 6 emission standard. When choosing our materials and applied working methods, we ensure that these are as environmentally friendly as possible. The efficient use of natural resources is also central to this.


Social responsibility

At Kontent Structures there is place for interns from highschools and universities, in addition it is possible for each employee to follow a training plan. To further anchor safety in our working methods. For 2020, 5% of our workforce will consist of employees with a backlog in the labour market. Our social engagement also gives us form through annual donations to the Stichting Vakantiespelen Bodegraven and our sponsorship to the Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam. In addition, we still support a number of charities. Furthermore, our membership of the Entrepreneurial Association Bodegraven further contributes to our local social involvement. As a partner, Kontent Structures gives you the certainty that our services provide a small, ecological and socially responsible footprint. This commitment gives you the certainty to choose the right partner for the requested service.

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