Kontent Structures provides tent flooring systems, available for rent as well as for sale. Our tent flooring systems make for a very stable and level surface, keeping visitors off of wet or cold ground. Tent floors can also be used to install a tent structure on an uneven underlying surface.


We produce our tent floors in-house, for use by our rental department as well as for sale.

Different types of tent flooring

We offer two different types of tent flooring systems:

Cassette floor



  • Individual cassettes measure 1 by 2.5 meters
  • Aluminium frames with heavy-duty plywood surface and non-skid coating
  • Installation does not require forklift access
  • Suitable for smaller locations and locations with access difficulties
  • Rated maximum floor loading of 550kg/m2
  • Low transport volume
  • Custom dimensions and surface finishings possible

Heavy duty floor frames



  • Very robust units measuring 2.5 by 5 meters
  • Steel framed units surfaced with 18mm heavy duty plywood and non-skid coating
  • Forklift required for installation
  • Rated maximum floor loading of 550kg/m2
  • Contributes to tent anchoring
  • Custom dimensions and surface finishings possible

The flooring systems most suitable for your project depends on the location and application. For rentals we generally use the heavy duty floor frames. Please keep in mind that for the installation of this flooring system, the location must be forklift-accessible. Are you looking to purchase a tent flooring system? For information without obligations, please contact one of our specialists. We have more than 20 years of experience with these flooring systems and are happy to offer personalized advice.

Tent flooring systems by Kontent Structures

  • In-house production and assembly
  • Large supply of cassettes and floor frames in stock
  • Floors are made using top quality plywood for optimal durability
  • Many years of experience regarding tent flooring systems
  • Custom solutions possible thanks to our in-house production
  • Floor coupling hardware can be supplied with the purchase of a tent flooring system

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