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Floor frames are large and robust floor plates that are based on a metal construction. Thanks to the weight, floor frames contribute to the anchoring of the tent. This means that fewer anchor rods or ballast blocks are required. The entire floor can be placed neat and flat with the use of a laser device.

The heavy-duty floor

Heavy-duty floor frames consist of a steel construction inlaid with high quality plywood. Due to the high weight, floor frames can only be placed by means of a forklift truck. Heavy-duty floor frames are available in the following dimensions:


  • 250×500 cm
  • 250×505 cm
  • 250×1000 cm

Are you looking for dimensions that deviate from the above mentioned standard dimensions? We are happy to discuss the customized options with you. Please contact us for more information.

Delivery time and production of floor frames

We have a large stock of floor frames. For rent or for sale, always quickly available.


We produce our floor frames in-house, which means that fast delivery can always be made possible. The production takes place by means of a “state of the art” machine park including a tube laser and welding robot. The process takes on average 4-6 weeks, including galvanization and  assembly.

Click here for more information about our metal works production of floor frames.


Custom solutions are possible thanks to our internal engineering team. An engineer provides a technical production drawing in advance, which is first presented and discussed. The production is started directly after your approval.

Floor frame specifications

  • Very robust tent flooring system
  • Galvanized steel frame construction with heavy duty, non-skid plywood surface
  • Various types of finishing timber can be used
  • Up to 550kg/m floor loading
  • Easily installed, by forklift
  • Contributes to tent anchoring


Floor frame applications

  • Tent floor for events
  • Terrace floor
  • Ice rink sub-flooring
  • Flooring on event site
  • Exhibition or stage floor
  • Creating a leveled usable floor on uneven ground

Floor frame advantages

  • Contribute to tent structure anchoring
  • Flat and level surface
  • Pick up and place immediately
  • Can be installed at any height using a scaffolding substructure

Contact regarding floor frames

Would you like more information regarding our heavy duty floor frames? Please fill out the contact form and we will call you back as soon as possible. Alternatively, e-mail us directly at

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