Warehoue Structure Leegwater

Temporary storage site Leegwater Houtbereiding B.V.

Warehouse | Industrial application


Leegwater Houtbereiding B.V.


Objective client

Due to the growth within the company, a new warehouse is necessary to carry out the activities for Leegwater Houtbereiding B.V. to continue. It is important that this is created on the current site and that the tent is high enough to store and transport piles of wood with a forklift.


Leegwater Houtbereiding B.V. keeps the natural enemies of wood out of the door through impregnation, drying, coating and making it fire-resistant. Due to the enormous growth of the company, extra storage space for the wood was necessary. The wood had to be stored in a safe and dry area. Kontent Structures has placed a custom-made tent pavilion for this purpose. The tent measures 30x30m with a wall height of 4 m and had to be placed under the 125 kV high voltage network. The tent is set up within a few days and also has an overhead door at the front that can be closed when necessary.

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