Kontent Structures, your sporty partner! An extra fitness room, indoor hockey training, paddock camper, or playing tennis even though it’s raining? All kinds of sports applications can be realized by Kontent Structures. That cosy ice rink you saw during the Christmas period?

Chances are that it has been placed by Kontent Structures! Due to the various types of tent structures with free spans of up to 50 m, a solution can be offered for many sports applications.

Populair structures

Are you looking for a temporary sports hall? Sports must remain possible during a renovation or new construction of your building. With a temporary sports hall from Kontent Structures at or near your location, you avoid logistical and systematic problems, and you do not have to accommodate the athletes elsewhere.

Even if your sports facility is due for expansion, a temporary sports facility is an interesting solution. At Kontent Structures we have many years of experience in placing temporary and semi-permanent sports accommodations. You can rent it from us, but you can also buy it. A tennis hall, football hall, hockey hall, or accommodation for a fitness centre: the possibilities are endless!

A solid partner for the supply of professional tents on and around the circuit. Logo printing and colours are possible so that your own corporate identity is visible. Structures to receive your guests, catering tents or, for example, your paddock club. Kontent Structures can meet all your needs.

The temporary ice rink, usually in the centre of a town or city. Today, a familiar sight and a lot of fun in the dark winter months. Kontent Structures has been a supplier of these indispensable winter stays for years. One of the advantages of the dark winter months, the cosy ice rink with accompanying catering facilities in the centre! Kontent Structures is a specialist in the various tent accommodations that are used for this.

Sport event structure for various occasions

VIP tent or VIP lounge
Paddock club
Driver's home
Promotion tent
Visitor hall or hospitality unit

Sport cases

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