Tijdelijke examenhal in Tilburg

Temporary exam hall Tilburg University

Temporary exam hall | Education

Target client

Tilburg University wanted to create a space where offline exams could be taken. According to RIVM guidelines, sufficient distance had to be maintained between students.

During this project, a pleasant collaboration with Van Rijswijk Verhuur took place, which made Tilburg University very satisfied with the final result. The tent construction consists of 3 compartments of 20×55 m + 20×75 m + 2x 5×10 meters. Due to the large size, the students can take the exams at an appropriate distance.

Fun Fact: While placing this tent construction, a tree grew in the middle of the parking lot where the tent construction would be placed. During the placement of the tent, there was built around the tree, so that it did not have to be removed.

Project Details

Tent structures used for this project

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