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Special structures

A tent with a special shape is a real eye-catcher. At festivals and events we often carry out such a tent with sail work that is completely black on the inside. When designing our tent accommodations with a special shape, we take into account that light and sound equipment can be hung on the rafters.

Purposes of the special structures

Our special tent shapes are suitable for many applications. Of course for large events and festivals, but the structures are also used for semi-permanent sports facilities, as a storage tent or for military applications such as a hangar for a helicopter or airplane.

  • Events
  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Fairs
  • Hangar
  • Sports accommodation

Polygonal tent construction

Polygon also means “polygon”. The structures below are impressive tent halls covered below:


Polygon Structure 270
Polygon Structure 300


Width: 20 m, 25 m, 30 m or 40 m
Length: multiples of 5 meters, as long as you wish
Side wall height: 4 m

Ridge height: 8.75 m, 9.20 m , 10.75 m or 12.10 m

Festival Structure 340

The Festival Structure is a teardrop-shaped tent accommodation, with a considerable interior height and always makes an impression. The name is misleading, because this type of tent construction can also be used perfectly for semi-permanent applications.


Festival Structure 340


Width: 30 m or 40 m
Length: multiples of 5 meters, as long as you wish
Side wall height: 4 m

Ridge height: 12.60 m or 15 m

Rent a tent with a special shape?

Looking for a tent with a special shape for extra storage, as a business space or an event? We have been renting tents with special shapes throughout Europe for more than 20 years. Renting a storage tent at Kontent Structures means looking for a suitable solution for your spatial problem. We link a practical approach to your wishes and ideas, with attention to your budget. From short to semi-permanent: we place tents with special shapes under all conceivable circumstances and in the most special locations. Do you want to rent a tent with a special shape, but you don’t have time to arrange it all? In such a case, we also offer complete project care for a turnkey solution

Buy a tent with a special shape?

Looking for a demountable, sustainable and affordable alternative for new construction of your storage space, business space or event? Or do you, as a professional tent rental company, want to buy a quality tent with a special shape to expand your range? We are the tent sales supplier of the Benelux. We develop, produce and sell tents with special shapes for events, business solutions and construction. Come and visit our company location and experience the world of tents for yourself.

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