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Shortage of storage space?
Opt for a temporary warehouse on your own premises.

Tijdelijke loods kopen of huren bij Kontent Structures

Temporary warehouse and storage space
Modular construction system for industrial applications.

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Temporary warehouse

Has your stock grown? Are you considering expanding your business space without investing in permanent construction or relocation? In that case, a temporary warehouse from Kontent Structures offers the solution to your lack of space. Together with a team of specialists, we will realize a temporary warehouse on your site within a few weeks, meeting all standards and requirements, built entirely according to your wishes.

A temporary warehouse from Kontent Structures is generally used when there is a shortage of storage space. Thanks to the modular construction system, a temporary warehouse can also be used as a workshop, distribution centre, showroom, shop or supermarket.

Are you wondering what a temporary warehouse from Kontent Structures can do for your organization? Contact us so we can give you the best advice.

De voordelen van een aluminium loods

Excellent insulation, climate and corrosion resistant
Sustainable responsible
Structures flexible in design, height and size
Built on own premises or on site of your choice
Built in a short time and turnkey delivery
Affordable alternative to permanent construction or relocation
Suitable for temporary and (semi-)permanent use
A simple (municipal) licensing process

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Sustainable responsible

A sustainable solution for space shortages

Our temporary warehouses are excellently insulated and fully reusable. When the extra space becomes redundant in due time or the rental period has expired, the building is dismantled, and all usable materials are reused.

The wall panels and floor systems are easily assembled and separate from the modular building system. This allows a temporary hall to change in size or move to a new location.

An aluminium warehouse for industrial applications

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Tijdelijke loods huren?

At Kontent Structures, you can rent or buy a temporary warehouse. Do you need extra space quickly for a short period? Then renting a temporary warehouse or storage space is often the best solution for your spatial needs.

When is renting a suitable option?
Renting a temporary warehouse is advantageous when you want extra space for a period ranging from a few weeks to a few years. Kontent Structures quickly builds a ready-to-use warehouse at a location of your choice.

Once the rental period is over, the structure is dismantled. If required, you have the option of extending your rental period.

Opslagloods kopen?

Renting a temporary storage warehouse has increased in popularity in recent years. It is an effective solution to quickly create extra storage space for a short period of time. But this option is not a desirable solution for everyone. What if you want a temporary storage shed for a longer period of time? In that case, you can choose to buy the structure.

When is buying a (semi-)permanent warehouse a suitable option?
Buying a warehouse or storage space is an interesting choice if you want extra space for multiple years. In addition to existing constructions we offer, it is possible to deliver a (semi-)permanent shed or warehouse made to measure.

SCC and ISO 9001

Trained personnel working safely, responsibly and environmentally consciously on the construction site

Over 25 years of experience

The specialist in (semi-)permanent accommodation for events and business solutions

In-house production

Demountable buildings from Kontent Structures are custom designed and manufactured

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