Kontent Structures RentalsAre you looking for a tent structure for an event or corporate solution? You came to the right place. We have been renting tent structures throughout The Netherlands and Europe for over 20 years. Kontent Structures will work together with you to find a suitable solution for your spatial needs. Over the years we have installed tent structures at the most exceptional locations, including the Hofvijver, the Afsluitdijk and on various bridges and beaches. Through our expertise and experience built over the years, we can provide spatial solutions at virtually any location.


Tent structures for various purposes

Our tent structures can be adapted for a wide range of purposes, some possible applications are:




Various structures

We have a wide range of tent structures available, the one most suitable for you depends on the intended application. We offer the following:


“Special tents” include remarkably-shaped tent structures, these are mostly used on festivals but are also very suitable for housing sports events.

Structure dimensions

Our tent structures can be rented in various dimensions. For rentals we maintain a minimum size of 250 m². These are the minimum and maximum dimensions, per structure type:

Clear-span structures

Width: 3 to 50 meters;
Length: Multiples of 5 meters.
Sidewall height: 2.50, 3 or 4 meters.


Pagoda tents

Dimensions: 3×3, 4×4 or 5×5 meters.
Sidewall height: 2.3 meters.



Storage and construction tents

Width: 3 to 40 meters.
Length: Multiples of 5 meters.
Sidewall height: From 3 meters. Up to 8 meters, depending on structure type and application.


Semi-permanent accommodations

Width: 3 to 40 meters.
Length: Multiples of 5 meters.
Sidewall height: From 3 meters. Up to 8 meters, depending on structure type and application.

Tent floor rentals


Heavy-duty floor frames

We work mainly with floor frames. These floor frames are extremely strong and robust and make for an excellent anchoring of the structure. They are a steel-framed unit with a heavy-duty, plywood surface with non-skid coating. These frames measure 2.5 by 5 meters. Beware, this heavy type of flooring may only be installed by forklift, therefore your intended location must be forklift-accessible.




Cassette floor

Usage of the cassette floor is not as common as steel-framed flooring, because it is not as suitable for the anchoring of a tent structure. Cassettes are also constructed from heavy-duty coated plywood, but they are placed inside an aluminum frame. The individual cassettes measure 1 by 2.5m. They can be installed manually, thus forklift access is not necessarily required.


Additional extras with marquee rental

When renting a tent structure with us, we offer you various additional extras. These optional additions either supply more comfort or a more luxurious look to your accommodation. Some of these options are:


  • Windows
  • Single or double doors
  • Automatic overhead door
  • Carpet tiles
  • Emergency exit signs
  • Heating units
  • Fire extinguishers

Practical information marquee rentals

When you choose Kontent Structures, you will receive guaranteed quality, no obligation advice and your tent will be placed by experienced assembly staff. 


  • Suitable and professional advice from our specialists
  • Rentals include installation and removal
  • VCA and ISO certified
  • Conditions apply to marquee rentals

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