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We have been renting out tent structures throughout The Netherlands and Europe for over 20 years. At Kontent Structures we like to think along with you to jointly come to a suitable solution for your spatial problem. Over the years we have installed tent structures at the most exceptional locations, including the Hofvijver, the Afsluitdijk and on various bridges and beaches.


Thanks to our years of experience and professionalism, we can provide spatial solutions at virtually any location.

Kontent Structures Rentals

The advantages of renting a tent at Kontent Structures

  • Appropriate and expert advice from one of our specialists
  • Tent rental including construction and dismantling
  • Placed within 24 hours due to an emergency
  • Placed within 24 hours due to an emergency

Tent structures for various purposes

Our tent accommodations can be used for different purposes. We split our rental activities into the following applications:



Various structures

Our range of tent structures consists of various basic parts. Which tent is suitable for your project or application is of course different per specific case. We distinguish the following structures:


“Special structures” include remarkably-shaped tent structures, these are often used at festivals but are also very suitable as (semi-permanent) sports accommodation or storage tent.

Complete project unburdening


For large or large projects, we are happy to relieve you through our full service project services. After all, you already have enough on your mind. That is why we offer complete project care from Kontent Structures for a turnkey solution.

Your temporary or semi-permanent accommodation is realized from A to Z under our direction, including any permits. Our experienced project leaders also maintain contact with suppliers and supervisory authorities. Your tent accommodation is delivered turnkey.

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