Tent Rental Accommodations

Event tent structure rental

When hiring a tent structure you guarantee your event to succeed, by eliminating conditions you can’t control, such as the weather.

Imagine you’ve spent months organizing an event. Everything seems to be in order, until the weather forecast changes the day before your event. An event tent will make sure your event will happen as planned.

Would you like to hire a big tent structure for thousands of visitors? Not a problem. Whatever the purpose, we can set up the structure in any size you desire. The width of the structures we supply varies from 3 to 40 meters. The length of the structure can be increased indefinitely in 5 meter segments. The height of the sidewall varies from 2.3 to 4 meters. Depending on the width and the sidewall height of the structure, the height in the center varies from 3 to 8 meters.

All our structures are set up clearspan, meaning there are no internal support posts inside the structure, allowing for an unobstructed view throughout the structure.

Our structures can be set up to suit any purpose. The following examples are a mere selection of suitable applications:

  • Corporate events
  • Exhibitions and congresses
  • Culinary festivals
  • Sporting events
  • Concerts and festivals

The possibilities when hiring a tent structure are limitless. Within our range we can provide temporary, personalized VIP structures, to give your event that extra touch. Rent an exclusive VIP tent where your guests enjoy an exclusive treatment.

Business Solutions

Do you need extra storage for your company? Or looking for a welding tent to work in a wind-free, frost-free and dry environment? We rent several tents for business solutions. Continue your business activities by renting a tent from Kontent Structures.

The size of or business solutions tents varies from 3 until 30 meters width and with a length with a minimum of 5 meters with no maximum length.

Feel free to contact uw about our business solutions! We’ll be happy to advice you. Go to our contactpage or mail directly to info@kontent-structures.com.

Semipermanent Buildings

There are numerous reasons your business can run into having a lack of space. Expansions, renovations, seasonal fluctuations or increased turnover are just a few examples. A semipermanent structure will solve your lack of space immediately.

We can set up a semipermanent structure anywhere, mostly for mid-long and long-term rental. We can outfit the structures with many optional features, such as lighting, heating and an alarm system.

Clear span tent

A clear span tent (alu-hall) is the perfect solution to all your temporary space needs. Thanks to its many different sizes and configurations, clear span tents can be used for parties, events and temporary workspace. Clear span tents, also called alu-halls,  are always set up clearspan, meaning there are no internal supports or obstacles, allowing you to fully utilize the available space.

Temperature controlled tent structure rental

A temperature controlled structure is perfectly suitable to be used in any storage or work situation, where temperate is important. Our temperature controlled structures are fully insulated, meaning you fully control the inside temperature. Warm or cold, anything is possible!