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Purposes Work tent

A working tent can be rented for various purposes. Continuity of your work or project is essential!

Whether this is work on a road surface or bridge, a boat or a swimming pool, we have placed work tents in the most diverse locations for the most diverse reasons.


No problems with wind, rain, hail or snow!


A working tent is ideal for:


  • Concrete, blasting and coating work
  • Work on bridges or roads
  • Refurbishing boats
  • Construction or renovation of swimming pools
  • Work on railways

Dimensions work tent

Since no one project is the same, we rent out work tents with various dimensions:


Width: 2.75 to 50 m

Length: unlimited, in multiples of 5 m

Sidewall height: 2.30, 3 or 4 m


The size of the working tent you need depends on your project and the intended location. Do you want to have a work tent placed at a special location? Please contact us. We are happy to discuss your plans and wishes by eventually putting together a working tent, determining an appropriate working method and starting a successful project!


All our work tents are placed as free span so that you can make optimum use of the space in the tent.


Various additions are possible when you rent or buy a working tent from us. We understand better than anyone that a temporary workplace always needs additional options.


A few examples of additions to your working tent are:


  • Lighting
  • Tent heating
  • Conditioning and ventilation
  • Rain gutter
  • Insulation
  • Mobile work tent for specific projects
  • Signing or advertising on sail work

Extra Information about working tents

At Kontent Structures, we have been engaged in the rental and sale of work tents for more than 20 years, making us the most knowledgeable and experienced partner in the industry.


We are in possession of a company SCC * certification. This certificate illustrates our safe working methods. Our employees are also individually SCC certified.


A very rapid set-up characterizes our company and our working method. Speed and safety do go together. You can start using the work tent within a very short time and your project will not be delayed. When you choose Kontent, you choose quality, safety and speed.

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