When organizing a corporate or public event, you will have to consider many aspects, including your event’s appearance. Marquees are the perfect solution for many different events. Additionally you can create your desired brand experience through our wide range of event tents. Kontent Structures rents and sells tent structures for any event, including exhibitions, (international) congresses, festivals and VIP rooms. Our range of marquees consists of various types of tent structures which can be fitted out in many ways. Some options are PVC sidewall panels, glass windows, single and double doors or transparent roof covers. Event tents are fully customizable. We love helping you host the perfect event by discussing options concerning your spatial problems or by creating a brand experience.



Our range of event tents



Clear-span structures

Width: From 2.75 up to 50 meters
Length: Indefinite, in 5 meter sections
Sidewall height: 2.5, 3, or 5 meters

Pagoda tents

Width: 5 meters

Length: 5 meters
Sidewall height: 2.3 meters




Special structures

Width: From 2.75 up to 40 meters
Length: Indefinite, in 5 meter sections
Sidewall height: 3 or 4 meters

Multi-storey tent structures

Width: From 5 up to 25 meters
Length: Indefinite, in 5 meter sections
Sidewall height: 4 meters

Marquees for all events

During our 20 years of experience we have supplied tents for any event imaginable, from corporate events to major public events. In the past years we have supplied tents for, among others:

  • Exhibitions
  • (International) congresses
  • Major corporate events
  • Sporting events
  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Musical and culinary festivals
  • VIP and hospitality rooms

We maintain a minimum of 250 m² for even tent rentals.



Additional options for events

Tent structures can be fitted out completely to your liking, whether you’re buying or renting a tent. Through these optional extras you can add a more luxurious appearance or additional comfort to your tent.

Among others, the options are:

  • Glass windows
  • Single or double doors
  • Carpet tiles
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Emergency exit signs
  • Heating units
  • Banners




Our pagoda tents can be fitted out with banners, to match the overall appearance of your event. Pagodas can also be fitted out with coloured roof covers. Choose from the following colours:

  • Moss green
  • Dijon
  • Dark Blue
  • Burgundy
  • Concrete
  • Pepper

Should you have a different vision in mind, we will happily discuss options with you!

Tent floors

Tents floors are highly recommended for event tents. Our floors not only provide a dry and solid surface for your guests, but they also contribute to tent anchoring. We always supply the right anchoring for your tent structures, allowing it to stand up to unfavorable weather. We have two types of flooring systems available, for sale as well as for rent:


Heavy-duty floor frames

Our rental department generally uses heavy duty floor frames, which make for a very strong and robust surface. They consist of a steel frame fitted with highly durable plywood. Due to their considerable weight they need to be installed by forklift. We always install floor frames completely level, resulting in a stable and level surface even on uneven ground. Floor frames can be used as-is but they can also be fitted out with carpet tiles to match the overall appearance of your event. Thanks to their considerable weight, floors frames contribute to tent anchoring, depending on the type and size of tent structure in question. Smaller marquees fitted out with heavy-duty floor frames do not require additional anchoring. When used in larger structures, floor frames reduce the amount of ballast blocks or ground pegs required.


Please make sure your intended location is forklift-accessible when choosing to use floor frames for your marquee!


Cassette floor

A cassette floor consists of smaller flooring units called cassettes. These units are made of a plywood surface on a an aluminium frame. Cassette floors are also installed level, thus leveling out any unevennesses in the underlying ground. Cassette floors always require additional anchoring by way of concrete ballast blocks or ground pegs. Cassette floors can be placed manually and do not necessarily require forklift access.

Additional information regarding Kontent Structures

  • Safe and rapid installation and removal guaranteed
  • Advice without obligations from our experienced specialists
  • Tent structures can be connected to existing buildings
  • Over 20 years of experience in event tent rentals
  • We provide tent structures for rent as well as for sale
  • Conditions apply when renting or buying tents

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